Simplicity solves complexity

Venting caps and systems by KACO

Are you interested in Solutions that ensuring constant venting or breathing conditions? Then please contact us! By presenting the patented venting cap KACO offers a rather simply looking rubber product matching a well-known complex task for breather systems.

In applications like gearboxes, axle drives, battery housings but also ECUs there is basically a need for ensuring constant venting or breathing conditions, as for instance pressure differences based on temperature change need to be balanced. Besides this there is a request for so-called “roll-over-breather” solutions which prevent oil leakage in an emergency case of a car roll-over in an accident. KACO solves this complex specification with a relatively simple looking part – the so-called venting cap. This single component part can be assembled directly into the application using for instance a small pipe as well as placing it decentral with a hose or tube in between. Find out more.

KACO venting analyser box

In order to perfectly apply modular venting kit products from KACO we offer our analyser box for a perfect match of the whole sealing and venting system. Find out how our innovative venting cap works best in your application.


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