RADIA® radial shaft seals and systems by KACO:
Progress that pays off

"Precision in quality and performance." The KACO slogan makers our mission clear: to provide our customers with premium products that help them to design even better and more efficient vehicles. RADIA® radial shaft seals and systems are prime examples of this claim.

Customer-specific and application-orientated

RADIA® Sealing Systems

As an innovative development partner in the automotive and component supply industry, we tailor our precision sealing systems to exactly match the customer's needs and the requirements of the particular position and application within the vehicle. The RADIA® radial shaft seals and systems are highly sought-after in automotive engineering, engine and gearbox construction, as well as in general mechanical and apparatus engineering. As a technology driver, KACO has developed elements for sealing dynamic sealing point. The company plays an important part in reducing fuel consumption and increasing sustainability with innovative designs such as the reduced-friction FRed® engine seals.


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