KACO piston and rod seals: the full range

We offer our customers a full range of products for securely sealing pistons and rods when installed. Our broad range of high-performance elastomers also covers special requirements when it comes to media and temperature resistance.

KACO rod seals for hydraulic steering systems: simply outstanding

Piston and rod seals from KACO

Left or right-hand drive – it makes no difference to our rod seals. Which is why they are used in almost all conventional vehicles. The seals are just as flexible when it comes to temperature. High-performance HNBR elastomer materials enable the seals to cover a uniquely broad temperature range, from -40 °C to +120 °C. A long service life comes as standard.

KACO grooved rings for automotive applications: tailored to your needs

Grooved rings tailored to requirements? Application-optimised high-performance elastomers like ACM, FPM, HNBR etc. make this possible. Our grooved rings ensure maximum service life and optimum hysteresis in gearboxes, hydraulic clutches, compressed air couplings and in many other automotive applications.

Example from plant and mechanical engineering

KACO sealing systems for oil hydraulics and pneumatics are designed for use with translational movements of mechanical elements (under pressure or when depressurised).

KACO sealing systems for pneumatics


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