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Shaft Grounding Rings for Electric Driving Machines to Prevent Bearing Damage

The shaft-grounding ring meets the strict requirements of electric motor manufacturers. It allows companies to minimise bearing damage and prevent unwanted noise by diverting harmful ripple voltages and bearing currents to the electric mass. This is possible thanks to a high-conductivity PTFE disc with special coating. The shaft-grounding ring is used in electric motors in many sectors - not only those in the automotive industry. Find out more

High-Speed Radial Shaft Sealing Solutions for eMobility Drivetrains

In the age of eMobility, three main factors will change from the point of view of a supplier of dynamic sealing systems: higher linear speed, low-viscosity oils containing a high percentage of additives and bi-directional shaft rotation at the gearbox entrance shaft. KACO successfully developed dynamic seals for high-speed-applications. Besides their main feature that enables bi-directional dynamic high-speed sealing they also show minimal friction losses and fantastic lifetime performance. Find out more

Mechanical Seals for Rotor Cooling

Our mechanical seals developed for rotor cooling are axial sealing systems made to withstand high rotational speeds and pressurisation. They are suitable for small installation spaces. The solutions for electric motors are robust, durable, and effective. This is thanks to tried-and-tested, specially developed and optimised materials like silicon carbide, high-performance elastomer, and stainless steel. Find out more

Quick deflation systems for battery modules in BEVs and hybrids

Should an unintentional malfunction occur in the traction battery of electric or hybridized vehicles, rapid emergency venting must be ensured to reduce the pressure in the affected battery segment. For this purpose, KACO offers a product range that is optimised for integration space. KACO Quick Deflation is designed in such a way that an additional pressure compensation element can be integrated. In this way, regular pressure equalisation during battery operation and the possibility of emergency venting can be ensured in one component. Find out more.

Magnetic encoders

The magnetic signal encoders for the automotive industry and mechanical engineering for rotating and linear applications help to detect rotational speed, velocity, torque, force, angle or position and use the information to control shafts in motors, gears, steering systems, ABS and linear systems.

Static seals from Solyem SAS

Static sealing systems for mechanical and electrical auxiliary units have also been expanding the product range of the sealing expert for some time now. Innovative LEM seals for better EMC protection make their contribution to the electrification of drive trains in the area of static seals, for example. Find out more.


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