Sealing solutions for the automobile of the future:

KACO innovations for e-mobility

e-mobility is a crucial corner stone in the comprehensive introduction of clean sources of energy as well as for an extended climate and environmental protection. The government of Germany is aiming to have one million electric vehicles registered on the German road system by 2020. The governments´ decision to subsidise the purchasing of electric vehicles and to strengthen the development of the re-charging infrastructure is the next milestone in order to achieve a breakthrough in the electro-mobility nationwide.

Innovative sealing solutions for tomorrows´ mobility

As a driver of technology and innovation KACO engages intensely in the field of electro-mobility and the development of novel sealing solutions for tomorrows´ automobile. New applications and requirements which tomorrows´ mobility entails are already covered today by the innovative solutions of the globally active sealing specialist.

KACO develops solutions jointly with their customers to meet current challenges in the field of sealing solutions for electric vehicles. Example of high rpm: KACO offers products which take seal tightness at high rpm to the next level. The company also offers the right solutions for critical issues such as shaft grounding or reduction of friction. You are facing problems in cooling electric machinery? KACO seals master the challenge strikingly. With the KACO technology you are embracing future technology in many ways.


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