KACO bonded piston seal: convenient and long-lasting

Maximum pressure-resistance and optimum hysteresis

KACO products for automatic and dual clutch transmission

Increasingly strict requirements for automatic transmission in terms of efficiency, shifting comfort, functional reliability and service life call for bonded piston seal that feature not only the classic sealing and durability functions, but also consistently low friction, maximum pressure resistance and optimum hysteresis. As Germany's largest producer of bonded piston seal for dual clutch and modern automatic transmission, we offer our customers the right solution for the job. Our bonded piston seals (BPS) made of special AEM high-performance elastomers have been tried and tested a million times; they enable ideal shift operations and feature strong fatigue resistance and a long service life.

The environmentally friendly layer of bonding agent offers additional benefits for the environment.

Various customer-specific design variants according to requirements.

Example of bonded piston seal and gear actuator piston

KACO is a developer and producer for many well-known OEMs and tier-one suppliers in this field.

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The gear actuator piston in overview


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