Applications: effective solutions for the most stringent requirements

Targeted development of materials and dynamic sealing systems can make modern cars and trucks far more efficient and environmentally-friendly. KACO therefore offers customised solutions that are precisely matched to the requirements at the specific installation site. Because we are a highly-skilled partner in sealing technology with a wealth of application and industry expertise, our customers can rely on our products to offer increased functionality and cost-effectiveness.
Overview KACO Productportfolio


  • Radial shaft seals and systems

Gearboxes (manual and automatic transmission)

  • Radial shaft seals and systems
  • Bonded piston seal
  • Gear actuator pistons

Diesel pumps

  • Radial shaft seals rings and systems

Steering gear

  • Radial shaft seals and systems
  • Piston and rod seals


  • Radial shaft seals and systems

Coolant pumps

  • Mechanical seals
  • Lip seals


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