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If you require any information or explanations, or if you wish to request information, correction, blocking or deletion of any data stored by a KACO company or KACO GmbH + Co. KG, please contact:

TDSSG GmbH - Team Datenschutz Services

Herr Eberhard Häcker
Beauftragte für den Datenschutz

Recording general information

When you access KACO GmbH + Co. KG websites, information of a general nature is automatically recorded. This information includes, for example, the type of web browser, the operating system used, your Internet service provider's domain name, etc. This only involves information that does not allow you to be identified personally. Furthermore, this data is also generated whenever you access any website on the Internet. This is therefore not a specific function of the KACO websites. Information of this type is only collected in anonymous form and used by us for statistical evaluations. The better we understand your wishes, the faster you can find the information you require on our websites.


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