May 2019 - KACO at the Electric Vehicle Symposium in Lyon

Source: EVS32

Sealing Expert informs about his solutions for electromobility. Visitors are invited to listen to the presentations about KACO’s new products, which have been developed exclusively for the NEV automotive era.  

The Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS)

EVS is the leading international event that focuses all aspects of electric mobility. The symposium will focus on technologies, the market, components, possible services and vehicles. Also this year more than 5000 visitors from 40 nations will take part in the event in Lyon from 20 to 22 May 2019. 

Since 1969 the EVS has been takin every 12-18 month, rotating between Asia, Europe and North America. In the meantime, is has become into the international platform and networking event for electric mobility. The epxerts inform about current technological developments and discuss future trends.

Inform yourself about the solutions of KACO

At lunchtime KACO invites you to participate in one of the dialogue sessions where the new eMobility products will be presented. There will technological insights and detailed descriptions about KACO’s contribution to NEV technology. On Tuesday (21. May) Mr. Konstantin Rempel will talk between 12.00 and 15.00 about the high speed oil seals for reductor gearboxes. On the next day (22. May) between 12.30 and 14.30 Mrs. Isabel Adamski will present the shaft grounding rings for electric drive machines and Mr. Matthias Podeswa presents the internal rotor cooling systems.

The Expert for Sealing Systems

KACO GmbH + Co. KG is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of high-precision, practical sealing solutions for the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors. The company, with its headquarters in Germany, has earned a reputation for the highest quality sealing solutions and innovative power as well as for expertise in development and production. KACO has eight production facilities in Germany, Austria, Hungary, China and the USA and delivers products across the globe. A trusted partner of the automotive and supplier industry, the company has been keeping pace with the high demands and technical changes of the industry for decades.


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