KACO sponsors the JR16 of Joanneum Racing Graz / Rollout of the „jr16“ of joanneum racing graz

On April 16th the rollout of the new racing bolide, the "jr16" was organised byjoanneum racing graz in cooperation with the öh (österreichische Hochschülerschaft) joanneum. The chosen location for this event, the Audimax of the FH JOANNEUM Graz , was perfect. The new bolide named „jr16“ will demonstrate its ability at „Formula Student“-events in Germany, Austria and Japan in summertime 2016.

Here are the technical details in a short overview:

·         weight: 206 kg (racing shape)

·         maximum moment of force: 128 Nm

·         suspension: wheelbase 1580 mm

·         tires: Continental C16 Slicks in 205/470R13

·         wheel rim: 7 x 13", one-piece, handlaminated CFK-3-spoke-rim

·         chassis discription: hybride-ccncept with CFK-monocoque and


joanneum racing graz is an interdisciplinary students project, headed by the Institute of  Vehicle Technology / Automotive Engineering at the FH JOANNEUM. Over two semesters the students are developing their own racing bolide. The complexity of the production process is covered totally by the students: beginning with the design on the computer till to the finished vehicle. There are  students of the Institutes of Journalism and Public Relations, International Management, Electronic Engineering, Product & Transportation Design and  Applied Production Sciences involved to this project also. Since 2003 the teams of Joanneum Racing have been part of the students racing scene. The actual status in the world ranking list is the 9th place. Speedy, dynamic, nightactive, equiped with a healthful dose of aggressivity – the talisman of the team is the weasel. Thats why the team of joanneum racing graz is well known as  „The Weasels“ in the scene.

The „Formula Student“ is an international  competition of construction and development, where students teams from all over the world participate with their racing vehicles, constructed and build up by temselves. In 1981 the competition was born as „Formula SAE“ in the USA. In 1999 the competition was held as „Formula Student“ first time in Europe. The rated discipilines are: lateral acceleration, acceleration, autocross, endurance and milage.

KACO is supporting the team of young engineers and developers with its high performance seals and know how out of its development department in Heilbronn. Some of the ambitious young engineers visited the plant Sankt Michael in February 2016. They where astonished of the enormous knowledge and technics neede for producing those little high performers for the vehicles power trains all over the world.

All the best to the Weasels and its bolide for the racing series 2016 We are looking forward to the winning party in fall.


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