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June 2020 - Keep tight with the sealing expert KACO!

Electric mobility in the form of electrification and hybridization is experiencing a massive surge in implementation due to ever stricter CO2 regulations and as a consequence of the diesel affair.


May 2020 - Development competence of the sealing expert KACO

For the sealing expert from Kirchardt, tradition and progress are not opposites, but the basis for the company's success, which began over 100 years ago. KACO regards knowledge and experience of its employees and its development,...


March 2020 - Quick Deflation: tight seal by reversible battery quick venting solution

The sealing expert KACO has developed a quick deflation solution for battery modules in BEVs and hybrids and is continuing to drive the further expansion of its modular venting system. The special feature of these quick vents...


March 2020 - EvoLift® Lift-Off for minimal friction

In order to achieve the European Union's climate protection targets, CO2 emissions at fleet level must be reduced to < 60g CO2/km by 2030. The contribution of the sealing industry is, to reduce power losses to a technically...


September 2019 - Shaft grounding rings for electric vehicle propulsion systems

The electrification of powertrains is in full progress. Besides systematically applying established sealing technology in hybrids and e-drives, KACO is offering innovative e-mobility products since a couple of years. For reliable...


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