Our solutions: Customer-specific and pioneering

Tailored sealing solutions are one of KACO's key competencies. Our precision sealing systems are predominantly customised solutions that we design precisely according to the specific requirements and needs of the installation site and use in question. As an innovation driver, KACO is focused on constantly coming up with new, trend-setting solutions that offer our customers measurable added value and that spare the environment.

FRed® engine seal: less friction, less consumption

Many new developments in engine and drive train engineering focus on the mechanical efficiency of drive components and reducing mechanical losses. Radial shaft seals rings (RSSR) create strong friction, especially when the rings are large. KACO's answer to this problem is FRed® (friction-reduced oil seals). The innovative shaft seals rings reduce friction losses in car engines by more than 50%. The very low friction and the lower weight lead to lower fuel consumption and CO2 reduction, with the added benefits of minimised wear on the sealing lip and less shaft break-in.


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