Rubber/metal compounds: guaranteed firm bond

For the majority of KACO sealing systems, the high-performance elastomers have to be firmly bonded to base materials. This is generally done during the manufacturing process (vulcanisation). The surface treatment of the base materials and the adhesive systems needed to do this are also developed or selected by KACO. The base materials used are steel, stainless steel, aluminium, GALFAN surfaces and brass. Material combinations with plastics (PA, PPA, PPS etc.) are also possible.

Plasma activation makes the right connection

The low-pressure plasma method developed by KACO to activate PTFE and PTFE compounds allows us to bond these materials to certain high-performance elastomers without the need for adhesive agents. This means we can omit the critical "chemical etching" process for PTFE. Furthermore, plasma activation makes it possible to reliably bond PTFE to plastics that are otherwise hard to activate, such as PPS.

This process is a major component of our commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Plasma system
Chemically etched PTFE surface
Plasma-activated PTFE surface


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