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In 2014, the KACO Group became even more international with the establishment of two additional factories in China and the USA. This expansion has opened up promising new product and development possibilities for the company and has provided it with better access to the world's most attractive markets besides Europe. With eight production facilities in Europe and the two above-named countries, KACO is now a global player represented in all major centres of the automotive industry.

A local presence, worldwide

The local presence of KACO means that customers can rely on the company to be wherever its products and expertise are required, at all times. Its technological know-how and the local knowledge of employees in the field provide the ideal basis for serving the respective markets more successfully than ever before.

Production at all of the sealing specialists' international sites meets globally established standards. State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities ensure a consistently high quality of products. As a global automotive industry partner, KACO guarantees the worldwide availability of products and rapid delivery times. Wherever they are, customers can depend on KACO - their experienced and reliable partner - for their current and upcoming projects in Europe, North America, and Asia.


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