KACO Social Standards

The present standards define the minimum requirements of KACO with regard to human rights, work standards, occupational safety and business ethics. KACO and every employee of KACO are bound by these principles. Suppliers of KACO are called on to acknowledge these social standards and to define corresponding principles in their companies and towards their suppliers.

1.Humgan Rights

The internationally accepted human rights are respected and required to be observed.

2. Adhering to Laws

Adhering to valid laws, regulations and equivalent regulations is a compulsory stipulation.

3. Occupational Safety

Any form of child labour is not tolerated. The regulations of the ILO Convention 138 on the minimum age of employment as well as the prohibition of child labour are the minimum standard adhered to.

Forced and compulsory labour is not tolerated. Nobody is employed against their will or forced to work.

During employment, the principle of equal opportunity must be observed and any discrimination avoided. Employees may not be disadvantaged on the basis of their gender, race, disability, ethnic or cultural origin, religion or world view, age or sexual orientation. Unacceptable treatment of employees such as physical punishment or sexual and personal harassment is not tolerated.

Employees have the right to receive a fair wage. The valid regulations on minimum wage must be adhered to. The working hours and leisure time must correspond at least to the valid rules in the respective country.

Safety and health in the workplace are guaranteed at least within the framework of the valid national provisions. The goal is to constantly improve occupational health care and prevent accidents and harmful effects on health that arise from the work, are connected with the work or occur in the course of work, so that the causes of dangers in the work environment are reduced as much as possible.

4. Social responsibility

We make an appropriate contribution to education and occupation.

We encourage our employees to participate in institutions and clubs that benefit the local community.

5. Freedom of Assembly

The right of employees to organize themselves, to join a trade union, to nominate a representative and to be voted as such is respected.

6. Prohibition of Corruption and Bribery

No bribes and other illegal payments may be offered, made or accepted. When dealing with business partners and state institutions, the interests of the company and the private interests of employees on both sides are strictly separated. Actions and decisions are made free from extraneous considerations and personal interests.

With our signature, we confirm that we will adhere to the minimum standards described here.

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