KACO Code of Conduct

The following standards define the minimum requirements of KACO with respect to human rights, labor standards, occupational health and safety and business ethics. KACO and all KACO staff are committed to these principles. Suppliers of KACO are asked to recognize these social standards and to define corresponding principles in their company and with their suppliers.

1. Humgan Rights

The internationally recognized human rights are respected and compliance is mandatory.

2. Compliance with Laws

Compliance with applicable laws, regulations and equivalent regulations is mandatory.

3. Working Conditions

Any kind of child labor is rejected. The provi-sions of ILO Convention 138 on the minimum age for employment and the prohibition of child labor are the minimum standard to be complied with.

Any kind of forced and exploitative labor is rejected. No one may be employed against his or her will or forced to perform work.

The principle of equal opportunities needs to be respected with employed staff and when employing staff. Any kind of discrimination will not be tolerated.

Employees may not be discriminated against on account of their gender, race, a possible disability, their ethnic or cultural origin, religious beliefs, or ideology, their age or sexual orientation. Unacceptable treatment of staff, such as psychological hardship or sexual and personal harassment, is rejected.

Employees have the right to receive a fair remuneration. The current regulations on minimum wages are complied with. Working hours and time off work must at least comply with the laws in force in the respective state.

4. Health and Safety

Health and safety at work shall be guaranteed at least to the extent of the applicable national provisions. We pursue to continuously improve health protection. Any possible causes of risk within the working environment shall be reduced to a minimum in order to prevent accidents and impairment of health which may arise from occupational activity or be related to or occur at or during the occupational activity.

5. Social Responsibility

We grant an appropriate contribution to professional education and employment.

We promote the participation of our staff in activities of institutions and (non-profit) associations which serve the good of the community.

6. Freedom of Association

We respect the right of our staff to organize in a trade union, to join a trade union, to appoint a representative and to be elected in such way.

7. Prohibition of Bribery and Corruption

We pursue a zero incident tolerance towards the offer, the provision or acceptance of bribes or other illegal incentives. The interests of the company and the private interests of our staff remain strictly separated on both sides especially in dealing with business partners and state institutions. Actions and decisions are taken free of inappropriate considerations and personal interests.

8. Dealing with Infringement

We do not accept any infringement of these standards. We encourage all KACO-staff to report any possible signs of infringement. Confidential Reports may be directed to the workers council or directly to the General Management. We do not tolerate any form of disadvantage of our staff who might report any possible case of infringement.

With our signature we confirm the compliance with the outlined minimum standards.

Richard Ongherth

Yanfang Sun

Gernot-Alois Feiel


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