KACO Anti-corruption guidelines

KACO Code of conduct in cases of corruption, bribery, restriction of competition and how to deal with infringements


As one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of high-precision, application-oriented sealing solutions for the automotive and mechanical engineering industries, KACO excels through its pronounced capabilities in respect of materials and systems and its high level of innovation. For KACO, integrity in its dealings with all customers, suppliers, staff, authorities, public bodies and other interest groups is just as important.

This requirement is stated in KACO'S corporate mission statement and social standards, and it constitutes the basis for the commercial activities of the Board, management and staff.

Implementation of this standard and the conduct expected from KACO's management and staff are clarified and set out in more detail in these guidelines. 

In particular, account must be taken of the following:

Bribery / Corruption

Bribes or other illegal payments may not be offered, made or accepted. 

The granting of personal benefits (in particular those of a monetary nature such as payments and loans, including the giving of small gifts over a long period of time) to persons holding office (such as civil servants or those in public service) by KACO or its staff in order to acquire some advantage for KACO, oneself or a third party is forbidden.

Personal monetary benefits to employees of other companies in return for gaining an advantage over the competition and in commercial transactions may not be offered, promised, granted or approved. Likewise, in dealing with business partners, personal benefits of value may neither be demanded nor accepted. KACO requires of its staff that they do not accept promises of any such benefits.

The management and staff of KACO may neither offer, promise, demand, grant nor accept any gifts, payments, invitations or services in the course of business transactions which are given with the intention of influencing a business decision in an improper manner or which may give rise to a risk of the professional independence of the business partner being compromised. 

This is generally not the case in respect of gifts and invitations which are offered and received within the bounds of normal business hospitality, custom and courtesy. KACO can issue binding guidelines on the acceptance and giving of gifts and invitations to meals and events. In these, exceptions in respect of appropriate low-value and symbolic gifts, appropriate business meals and suitable events on the part of our company and business partners (customers, suppliers) can be regulated. 

Competition law (behaviour to competitors)

KACO abides by fair competition. We comply with the applicable laws which protect and encourage competition, in particular the applicable competition laws and other laws which regulate competition.

In dealing with our competitors, these regulations particularly forbid agreements and other activities which influence prices or conditions, allocate sales areas or customers or which hinder free and open competition in an improper manner. Further, these regulations forbid agreements between customers and suppliers which are intended to limit the customer’s freedom to set prices and other conditions independently (price and condition setting) when selling items on.

  • Price/quantity/condition agreements
  • Exchanging confidential market information
  • Calling for a boycott of other market players
  • Behaviour towards market players/authorities/courts and other government and public institutions

What this means for our staff

Implementation of these guidelines is very important to KACO, which is why any failure to meet these obligations will be taken seriously and punished accordingly. Any infringements will result in disciplinary measures. These will depend upon the severity of the infringement and can, in extreme cases, result in extraordinary termination of your employment.

In order to ensure that these ethical guidelines on conduct are put into practice, every member of staff is required to familiarise him/herself with the standards and to actively put them into practice.

All KACO staff are required to report information on any offences, abuses or particular risks. In the European KACO plants, the Works Council will receive reports from staff confidentially. In the KACO plants in China, this will be dealt with by the General Manager. KACO will not tolerate any person who makes such a report being disadvantaged in any way.

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