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For us, tradition and progress are not mutually exclusive: they're the path to success that we've been following for over 100 years. The cornerstone for what would become KACO was laid in 1914, with the founding of a factory for engine seals – the first specialised factory of its kind in Germany. Major technological milestones in the history of modern sealing systems are proof of clear, customer-focussed, and innovative thinking.

Today, we are one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of high-precision, practical sealing solutions for the automotive industry, with global reach. KACO employs more than 2,000 people at eight plants in Germany, Austria, Hungary, China and the USA, delivering its products around the world.

KACO is in a better position than ever. Its 100-year anniversary in 2014 was merely a stop along the way to the future development and success of the company.

Important stages along the journey

Founded by Gustav Bach, Albert Hirth and Gustav Klein. The focus was on producing engine seals.

Axial-working water pump seals are added to the development and production range.

Start of rubber processing.

Completion of the new administrative building in Heilbronn.

Production sites built in Kirchardt and Lauffen.

Foundation of KACO Dichtungstechnik Ges.m.b.H. in St. Michael/Lg. in Austria. It is expanded three times.

Construction of new plant in Talheim.

KACO becomes a member of the Brazilian Sabó Group.

Foundation of KACO Hungary Kft., based in Enese, Hungary.

Start of the fourth construction phase of the plant in St. Michael, Austria.

Start of production at the Wuxi plant in China.

KACO celebrates its 100 year anniversary.

The ZhongDing Group becomes the majority shareholder of the KACO Group.


The factory in Lincolnton, North Carolina (USA) becomes part of the KACO Group.

The factory in Anhui expands the KACO Group network of factories as the second production site in China.

Relocation of the KACO plants Heilbronn and Talheim to Kirchardt. That way Kirchardt will not only become the new head office, but all production capacities of Germany will be concentrated at this location.


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