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Creating more eco-friendly driving

Moving forwards with lower emissions

Being environmentally-friendly and sustainable is a key responsibility for KACO, and an essential requirement for its future success. As a driver of innovation and technology, we promote the development of green products and systems. Because we know that focusing on the development of materials and dynamic sealing systems can make many parts of a modern car or truck much more efficient and eco-friendly.

Our highly developed sealing elements are used in numerous vehicle components – from the engine, through the length of the drive train, to the ancillary units. With their reliable functions, strong durability, wear resistance and minimum friction, they play a crucial role in safe, comfortable, low-consumption and low-emission driving.

Minimised friction minimises power loss: KACO radial shaft seals rings

FRed® engine seals from KACO make an important contribution to reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The new generation of friction-reducing shaft seals rings, they enable significant potential savings in terms of friction and weight in modern car combustion engines, while simultaneously providing maximum seal and stability.

Less fuel, more comfort: KACO piston actuators for dual clutch and modern automatic transmission

FEM calculation of a sealing lip subject to high stress on a piston actuator

Automatic transmission systems are subject to increasingly strict requirements in terms of efficiency, shifting comfort, functional reliability and service life. This calls for piston actuators that feature not only the classic sealing and durability functions, but also consistently low friction and optimum hysteresis. As Germany's largest producer of piston actuators for dual clutch and modern automatic transmission, we meet these growing requirements by using cutting-edge development and production methods together with optimised materials.

Innovative technologies for a sustainable future: plasma-activated PTFE seals

At KACO, the entire value-creation process is always under scrutiny. Materials and technologies are continuously optimised and developed in terms of efficiency, functions, performance and environmental friendliness. For example, the environmentally unsound etching process for PFTE surfaces was replaced with a patented plasma-activation method developed in-house. It is particularly sustainable because no post-treatment is necessary and there is no longer any need to dispose of used etching agent. To protect the environment, we mainly use bonding agent with solvent-free compositions. The bonding agent is applied in a special process developed by KACO.

Plasma system
Chemically etched PTFE surface
Plasma-activated PTFE surface


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