Company Guide Lines

Profitable growth
Customer satisfaction and compliance

KACO is representing a medium-sized company business culture, aiming for a global leading role with strong presence in all relevant markets. Financial success as well as economic independence are gained and ensured by sustainable growth and profit.

Management system
and continuous improvement

KACO is maintaining a management system, supporting continuous improvement of the organization, comprising quality, environment, health and safety, fire and explosion protection, as well as privacy and information security. The management system is certified according to IATF 16949 and ISO 14001.

Considering and implementing requirements of interested parties is mandatory to KACO. Main strategic objectives in context of a successful management system are:

  • good customer relationship
  • sustainable growth
  • high efficiency
  • strong team / organisation
  • sustainability

Within the scope of our KACO management system we identify and implement objectives and measures which are being monitored and evaluated using key performance indicators. This approach is intended to visualize the system to our employees.

Our demand
Highest satisfaction

Highest customer satisfaction is the major guideline for KACO´s activities, as well as compliant behaviour in line with all relevant legal regulations, agreements, instructions, requirements, binding commitments and operational regulations.

Prevention of errors
and protection of the environment

KACO´s zero-defect policy leads to highest efficiency and standards in processes, products and services. The use of additional applications and methods for prevention of defects contributes to the success of KACO´s zero-defect policy.

Environmental responsibility is a major task and performed by reduction of environmental pollution in order to avoid any negative impact. We are committed to a responsible use of energy and raw material, as well as sustainable operation on all levels of business.

Information processing significantly supports all relevant strategic and operational functions and is key impact factor in KACO´s task fulfilment. KACO´s management system thereby ensures the confidentiality, integrity, traceability and availability of data, information and information security.

Requirements of customers, suppliers, employees and their representatives, authorities and public corporations, as well as other interested parties is taken into account and included in KACO´s management system. Providing interested parties with information about KACO´s activities is done regularly.

KACO provides safe and healthy working conditions. By constantly improving our health and safety standards, we reduce the risk of injuries and improve illness prevention. We prefer proactive preventions than limiting damage

Cooperative partnership
and a climate of mutual trust

KACO embodies an atmosphere of mutual trust. Our employees are recruited and trained based on their function, specific qualifications and skills. By improving our employee’s qualifications we promote a high performance level and high quality results.

KACO commits
to obey the guide lines

KACO management is committed to maintain the management system and review the KACO company guidelines regularly. Management and all employees of KACO group are obligated to follow these guidelines.

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