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Profitable growth
Customer satisfaction and Compliance

KACO is a company of a medium-sized business culture. We are continuously improving our pro-cesses in order to confirm and maintain our posi-tion as a world class company enhancing our presence in all relevant markets. With sustainable growth we generate profit to ensure financial success as well as our economic independence.

Management system
and continuous/ongoing improvement


We continuously optimize the effectiveness of our organisation by means of a documented management system which comprises the fields of quality, environment and health and safety as well as fire and explosion protection and security of information. The management system has been certified according to IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 and is developed continuously. Further, we continuously optimize the effectiveness of our management system. In this regard we are guided by the requirements of our stakeholders as well as by our strategic objectives:
  • good customer relationship
  • sustainable growth
  • high efficiency
  • strong team / organisation
  • sustainability
Within the scope of the management system we identify and implement objectives and measures which are being monitored and evaluated using key performance indicators. This approach is intended to visualize the system to our employees. Our Claim
Highest/maximum satisfaction
The guideline for our activities shall result in highest customer satisfaction as well as compliance with all relevant legal regula-tions, stipulations, instructions, require-ments, binding commitment and operational regulations.  Error/defect prevention
and environmental protection
We pursue a zero incident policy by applying error preventing methods which do not allow for errors in processes, products and services. We are continuously improving our envi-ronmental performance and are constantly reducing environmental pollution in order to avoid negative impacts on the environment wherever possible. We are committed to a responsible application of energy and raw material as well as to operate sustainably on all levels of business.  We systematically involve our customers, suppliers, employees, authorities and public corporations as well as our stakeholders in our management system and collaborate. We inform our stakeholders about our environmental activities in an appropriate way and within the scope of our possibility, we take any suggestions concerning our environmental activities into consideration. Co-operation
and a spirit of mutual test
Co-operation in partnership and objectively founded decisions form the strong basis to work in an atmosphere of mutual trust.  We recruit and train based on function specific qualifications and skills of our employees. We promote continuous and targeted training of our employees in order to achieve the highest level of performance as well as best results possible. We are commited to providing and maintaining working conditions in conformity with health and safety. By constantly improving our health and safety standards we are reducing injuries and prevent illnesses. In this respect, proactive prevention is more important than damage limitation. KACO commit to
Comply with the cooperate philosophy
The general management undertake to main-tain the management system as well as to regularly review the KACO cooperate philoso-phy for adequacy and relevance. The general management and all employees of the KACO group commit themselves to comply with this philosophy.


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