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Quality, innovation and reliability

When it comes to maximum quality and reliability, leading expertise in development and manufacturing, and a global presence in all major automotive markets, KACO is the first choice. As a dependable supplier and innovative development partner to the automotive and supplier industry, we have kept pace with the challenging requirements and technical changes in the sector over the decades. Because we know that only first-class products can bring us and our customers success, we specialise in selected segments, where we are one of the top three suppliers worldwide.

Preferred partner to the automotive industry

We produce sophisticated dynamic sealing systems to the highest standards and our objective is to offer the best price/benefit ratio. In close cooperation with our customers, we are developing new, ground-breaking solutions for the future of automotive technology.

KACO's headquarters are in Kirchardt, Germany. As a dynamic company with the culture of a medium-sized enterprise, we will continue to grow profitably. We serve today's markets with innovative, tailored products and materials and target new, attractive fields of application. Maximum flexibility, short chains of command and fast responsiveness combined with top quality are the characteristics that set KACO apart and guarantee its success. Efficient business processes, optimised production and the use of modern IT systems makes us fit for the future.

A strong course of growth: KACO expands its activities in China

China is increasingly becoming a key market for KACO. The company has been active in the country for a number of years with a production site in Wuxi and is continuing to expand its activities in one of the world’s most important emerging markets. With the second Chinese subsidiary in Ningguo City in the Anhui province – founded at the end of 2014 – the sealing solution specialist is taking account of the growing demands of this dynamic market.

KACO quality, made in China

Product quality is just as important in China as it is in Europe and North America. In line with the “KACO quality, made in China” motto, the manufacturing facilities at both Chinese sites are equipped according to state-of-the-art criteria. Implementation of the strict KACO quality philosophy at the Wuxi and Anhui factories guarantees that customers in Asia receive consistently high standards and worldwide usability of all KACO sealing products.

Attractive employer

One key factor to our success is our highly motivated and qualified employees who apply their broad range of professional expertise at all of the company's sites in order to manufacture our top quality products. KACO works with a modern, cooperative management style that encourages and challenges employees and offers them excellent opportunities for professional advancement. This makes us a very attractive employer and a first choice for young specialists and managers.


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